Saturday, October 31, 2015

Freebies-Samples 10-31-15


Yorkshire Tea-
Gerber U Chew- Game Prize (EXPIRED)
Nordic Natural Vitamins- Look at the Bottom Right Corner for "Free Samples"
Essence and Seventeen Magazines- Gained through Recycle Bank
Premio Sausage Coupon- Influencer
FlatOut Coupon- Splashscore
Friskies Cat food Coupon- Nestle Purina Game Win (EXPIRED)
Holiday Tags- Disney Movie Rewards Club
Jergen's Wet Skin Moisturizer
Dollar Shave Club -Monthly Subscription use code GCITY10MBQSJPW for first box free, pick the Executive Razor.

PinchME Box - FREE Subscription Box, Sign Up and Get Free Samples Twice a Month

-Advil PM Sample (2)
-Baby Diaper Rash Butt Paste
-Gold Bond Lotion (2)
-Milk Bone Dog Treats ... Brushing Crew Bone, Vitamin Dog Treats
-Pro Purina Cat Food (6oz Sample Size Bag)
-Scotch Brite Extreme Scrub Brush
-Dentek Floss Sticks
-IAMS $5 Off Coupon
-Wine Vouchers (2)
-Skinny Pop Popcorn ( Not Shown, Couldn't resist eating it lol :) )

Beneficial to Children, Great for Mothers: Child Safety Locks

I have two babies and every one who have children know you have to keep the cabinets shut and lockdown or every thing will be all over the floor. Cabinets are like goldmines to kids and they will do whatever they can to get them open. I decided to put these locks to the test.
My cabinets in the kitchen have a wide space between them so I didn't think I would be able to use the locks on them. So I decided to place two and place them on opposite sides for a better hold. It works this way and Miss Laila was so upset she couldn't get in she tried to pull the locks off! Luckily, the sticky tabs on the locks are stronger than what I thought and they have held on very well.

Now the cabinets in our bathroom and on the ends of our sink open on the outside so I had to place the lock around the cabinet instead of across. As the picture shows the actually lock part with the adjuster are against crease to give it something to hold onto. I have shown in the picture, that by trying to open it does have a tiny opening but it cant be pulled completely open and little fingers aren't able to push through.

I really do like these safety locks, they are better than the first kind I had and it wasn't a struggle trying to use them. They didn't come with instructions and they may be an issue for those who like to have instructions but they are really easy to use so instructions are not needed. These safety locks are not costly and they can be used on all types of cabinets. Check out the link below, you can check out the product and purchase them.
*I received this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

First Walmart Beauty Box

Finally Received my Walmart Beauty Box and I was Super Excited to See What was in the Box.

It took a month to get to me and I thought I would be very disappointed with what I would find in the box. Check it Out for Yourselves...

Intense Care Lotion
*Best Product in the Box, Best time to receive this item. Need nice hands for the Fall and Winter weather.

Mega Hold Hairspray
*Another great product. My hair frizz and falls out of place and with this wind, I'll need all the hold I can get.

Advanced Care Mouthwash
*Always Nice to have stored in the bathroom or in your purse, when you have important meetings or interviews.

Daily Moisturizing Lotion
*I've never tried this brand before but it's really nice to have a few different lotions laying around to give you the day to day moisture. It's a nice traveling size to throw inside or purse or have in your pocket.

Gladious Red Lipstick
*Who wouldn't want a nice full size lipstick, unfortunately it's not my color but I know a friend who would love to have it.

Extended Moisture Lotion
*Everyone knows this sample of Nivea Lotion and we all know it works really good, great for the skin.  I've already purchased two full size bottles.

Crest 3D White
Foil Packets
*It's a nice sample of their 3D whitening kit. It gives you one good test try to help you decided if you want to purchase. I already use this brand.

Youth Serum and Revitalift
Foil Packet Samples
*Not made for me, but I do have a few older family members they may want to try these out. Suppose to give you younger looking skin, no wrinkles or lines.

Perfume Sample and Skin Foundation Test Form
*True Match Foundation test paper, Take the tabs put them on your skin to determine with set is best for your skin color.
*Perfume sample by Jennifer Aniston, smells pretty good just not a fragrance I would wear.

I loved this box ! It was filled with product samples I could actually use and all the products present were definitely worth spending the $5. Walmart Beauty Box is only available seasonal and it is a auto renewal subscription, $5 for four boxes a year, not bad at all especially if they are like this box. This is my first Walmart box and this is the way to start off this subscription. Thumbs up all the way!!! Since I don't have another Walmart box to compare it to, I said I would compare it to the Target Beauty Box and the Results from this box makes me never want to get another Target Box. The Target beauty box isn't the same price every time and my first box was not good enough for the $6 I paid. I think they made up for my box being super late, I am excited to see what my Winter Beauty Box will consist of. If you haven't signed up for your beauty box, click the link below and sign up.
*MY Honest and Unbiased review, Not a Sponsored Post

Sunday, October 25, 2015

FIRST Candy Club Box

Candy Club
The Candy Club is a Monthly Candy Subscription. Each month they provide you with at least 3lbs of candy. With signing up, taking a small poll for what you like, they figure out what you give you each month.  

Now Let's take a look into my box for this month...
First we have Sweet's Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy.
Cool Fact- Instead of the Traditional way of making Taffy, Sweet's Taffy is Whipped instead of being Pulled.

Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans
Cool Fact- Located in San Francisco since 1898.They have 12 unique flavors such as blueberry, pomegranate, tangerine and mango to name a few.

Gimbal's Red Licorice Scottie Dogs
Cool Fact- This handcrafted licorice has been passed down four generations.

Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts
Cool Fact- This is their newest flavor and Sour Power has been around since 1985.

   Although these are some good looking candies, I can't say they were all good. I was actually very disappointed in this box, First impressions do mean everything ! They are advertised to be best candy company, so I expected just that. The best candy in this box is the Wild Cherry Belts. They are truly good and sour but not overly sour. The sour jelly beans are second best. They are the right amount of sour, little kids can eat them and will enjoy them. The flavor comes out when you eat them, the tangerine actually taste like tangerine, it's not that fake artificial flavoring. The salt water taffy would have made it the top three but I prefer a different flavor than cotton candy. Besides the flavor, the taffy was really fresh, fluffy and soft and that's the way it should be so thumbs up for that.
   The WORST candy of them all were the Licorice Scottie Dogs. Terrible, they are suppose to be strawberry favor but they taste like cinnamon and it's not a real flavor, it's definitely artificial flavoring. Just by the look of them you can tell they were going to be a little different, as I bit into one it was like a plastic taste as well as the "cinnamon" strawberry. Thumbs down for this product all the way.
   Overall, all the box wasn't as expected and I'm not sure if I will be getting another box next month. I wish we could have choice in the candy each month but I understand the surprise element. The way this box was set up, I'm not sure that the price is reasonable either. 27.99 per month plus taxes, if I would get a bad box like this every time I would just cancel and I'm not sure if I want to chance it. I did receive $20 off this box but with the extra charges it was $13.99 and believe me I could have kept that in my pocket. Next month is a whole new box, so for those of you who would like to try this company out you should. You can get $20 off your first box by using this code idea-p or twitter20.

Friday, October 23, 2015

2 in 1 Nursing and Canopy Cover Discount

Hey !
For all of you who loved my Review on the 2 in 1 Nursing Canopy Cover or Just Thinks It's a Cool Item, Check Out this Link. You can see this Product and get a nice 50% discount RIGHT NOW !!!

*Post for Mom's Lab*

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mini Bath and Bath Works Haul

Here's what I got from the Greatest Fragance Store for Your Body in the World ! Bath and Body Works were having their Fall Sale and Introducing the New Fall Fragances. They had a few great deals and I took advantage of them and if you are signed up for the email and mailing list than you could also use the coupons given to you.
 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte are the New Fall Fragances I've Purchased and They Smell Absolutely Amazing. I Definitely recommend the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte. I bought my lotions in the body cream. I recommend getting the body creams because they are a thicker lotion and the cold weather is approaching. It isn't greasy and it last throughout the day. I hate having to constantly re apply lotion because it's thin and cracks because of the cold weather. The True Spa brand is also a thicker lotion made with Shea Butter, I've been loyal to this brand, it works for the whole family. I have the 6oz bottle but there is one bigger than that but it's best you grab it when the deals are happening and you have coupons, this brand is pricey. The Lip Care products are normally $7.50 a tube, so they are best with deals and coupons as well. 

Deals Used to Purchase:
*Buy 2 Get 1 Free OR Buy 3 Get 2 Free for the Fall Scents and Orginal Lotion Scents
*Buy 2 Get 1 Free for the True Blue Spa Brand 
*Buy 2 Get 1 Free for the Menta Lip Care
*20% Off Coupon

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coffee Bean Detox Pills

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox Pills

My Review

Within one week of use the only change I've noticed is less bloating. My stomach hasn't gotten smaller yet and I'm still a hungry lady. It's seems like a water pill, frequent bathroom trips since I've started using them. I can't say I'm disappointed no woman wants to be bloated. I'm just waiting on the actual cleanse part. Overall good product especially if you want to lessen bloating. They are easy on the stomach but the pill it's self doesn't have a pleasant taste and it's similar to a hoarse pills, in my opinion. For all those who are wondering... No, it doesn't have a coffee taste lol I thought it would too because it says coffee bean, but it doesn't. I'm going to continue using them for another week and see if there are more changes to my body.
*I Received this product free for an honest and unbiased review

2 in 1 Nursing Cover and Canopy

Moms Lab 2 in 1 Nursing Cover and Canopy

I think this is an okay product, it's more of a spring, summer item. It's really thin like a receiving blanket and if it's a windy day your baby will feel the breeze. I believe it's best to use as just a nursing cover but then again you could use it as the canopy indoors. 
*I received this product free for an honest and unbiased review

Afro Twister

Afro Hair Sponge Brush was the greatest invention for twisting hair quickly. Believe it or not it actually works !

The brush is fitting to hand and big enough to have room when moving circular motions in your hair. The holes in the brush is where the hair locks in to become twisted. This before Photo and small clip shows how the brush works and how it's used.

Now Here's the Clip...

Did You See How Good That Works ?
How Good the Hair Twist and Locks ?
How Easy It Is To Do It ?
This Brush is Amazing and It will Be a Awesome Gift, To Yourself, A Family Member or Friend!

I thought this brush was cool, my brother really wanted one and I happen to see on and I had the chance to try it out with him. He absolutely loves this brush and uses it everyday even when he doesn't need it.

*I recieved this product free, for a honest and unbiased review

Power Pearl Probiotics

*Product was free for an honest and unbiased review


These Pills haven't shown immediate changes but I have noticed a little more energy as I wake up in the middle of the night to feed my newborn. It says these pills are kid friendly which is good but I have a one year old and I'm pretty sure she can't take them. They are small and easy to swallow which is great for me and other people who hate taking pills or have a hard time with them. The taste isn't that chalky pill taste like other pills and by then being small it's a quicker process so you barely taste them. I haven't been on them to long because I did have my son a month ago but I'll continue to use them.

Website Home Page:

Purchase Site:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Target Beauty Box

I'm Very Excited about this post you guys, My First Ever Target Beauty Box.

Target Beauty Box is a Paid Subcription Box, but the Price is Very Cheap. It's $5 for this box filled with Samples from beauty companies. This box gives you the ability to try out these items and if you like them, you can go to target and buy them. It's also a $5 off coupon to put towards your next purchase for any of the L'Oréal Beauty products. Now enough explaining, Let's take a look into my box.

The Theme is L'ORÉAL ...

L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray
*This hairspray provides a full day of shiny, soft and strong holding hair. 

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara
* This Mascara is used to build soft lashes for a more defined voluminous look. It's great for daytime and nighttime gatherings with friends.

L'Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo
* I've Actually used this product already and I love it. It has helped repair my damaged hair due to color treatments and split ends. By continuous use of the entire Repair 5 line your hair will be repaired in no time.

Another Haircare Line I've Used. The Advanced Haircare Ultimate Straight. *Now this sample has all three steps for you to try. This really does work, I have purchased the full size bottles for this line.

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Volume Filler
*It's a advance re-volumizing technology to help improve your skin. It's enough in both sample packets to see results in four weeks from the date of use. Although I may not need this, it's a great sample to pass along.

The L'Oréal Paris True Match Shade Strips and The Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream. These two items are just skin testers.
*True Match Strips, You take the strips and place them on your skin to find out which shade is perfect for you.
*Cell Renewal Night Cream, You take a sample of your skin to determine the type of renewal is perfect for your skin.

I really enjoyed my beauty box, most of these products I will definitely be purchasing and recommending. I hope you like what you see, go and buy your own box and share what goodies you've got inside. Remember great beauty samples for a inexpensive price, who wouldn't love that ! 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Heavy Duty Kitchen Silicone Tongs

*I received this product free for an unbiased, honest review.


Before actually receiving these kitchen tongs, based on the picture I thought they would be a cheap dollar store product. I thought they wouldn't work as good as high quality tongs and they would be old and done by the second use. I was WRONG ! These tongs are definitely high quality and they have lasted for a long time and I've had them for a while now. They have weight to them and the silicone isn't easily melted. My tongs look like they haven't even been used. I liked that the box had two tings in them. As you can see it's a big and little pair. The best two features are the grips and the hook hole. The grips are very sturdy and they aren't slippery like other tongs, the hook hole actually closes the tongs once it's pulled up.

 I really like these tongs and I recommend these tongs to anyone looking for some. They come in red and black.