Sunday, July 24, 2016

CVS Weekly Coupon Trip (7/24) #2 : The Real Couponing Begins !

CVS Newbie Coupon Trip (7/24)

*Better week than last week, so if you didn’t do the deal last week that’s okay, do this deal to be ready for Next Week and get more ECB’s J

Dawn 9oz Dish Detergent. Or Puffs Tissue 48-56 counts.

Deal: 3 for $3 Get $1 ECB

Pay: $3.00

Colgate Total Mouthwash 500ml for $4.00

Use $2 off CVS Coupon (Scan Card at Red box in the Store)

Use $2.00 off Coupon (In Sunday’s Paper)


Renuzit Gel Air Fresheners

Deal: 3 for $3 Get $1 ECB

Pay: $3.00

Gatorade 20oz. Bottle

Deal: 2 for $2.00 Get $2 ECB

Pay: $2.00

Irish Springs Body Wash & Bar Soap

Deal: 2 for $7.00 Get $2 ECB

Use (2) $1 off Coupon (In Sunday’s Paper)

Pay: $5.00

Speed Stick Deodorant

Deal: 2 for $7.00 Get $2 ECB

Use (1) BOGO Coupon (In Sunday’s Paper)

Pay: $3.50 for Both

Colgate Anti Cavity Toothpaste Twin Pack

Deal: $4.99 Get $2 ECB

Use (1) $2 off Coupon (In Sunday’s Paper)

Pay: $2.99

Complete Total: $19.49 + Tax

Get $10 ECB’s back!

*** If you went and did the deals last week, Use Your ECB’s from last week to Lower Cost***

Total: $19.49 - $3(ECB) = $16.49

Get $10 ECB‘s back!

Depending On the Coupons We Get On Our Cards Sunday will determine if we can lower the price even more, check your CVS App Sunday and apply your coupons. If you need help just ask! J

***EVERYONE, Needs to get a Sunday Paper for Next Week Deals! The real couponing begins J

 Make Sure You Sign Up for IBOTTA, Always Make Sure You Get Cash Back When You Go Out Shopping !

Sunday, July 17, 2016

CVS Instructional Guide

Many people have asked me to help them learn the ways of couponing, saving money, and scoping out deals. I figured that I would help you with my favorite store to coupon at first, CVS.

The first thing you need to do is read over CVS coupon policy, it's straight forward.
*NO using CVS Store Coupons on Sale Items.
*CVS coupons ONLY can be used up to 14 days after they expire
*App Only coupons can not be printed out and will only one come through the app
*App only coupons are CVS coupons, they can not be used on sale items
* Percentage coupons are CVS coupons and can not be used on sale items
..... These are the biggest rules to remember

Basic Coupon Rules...
*Always read your coupons
*You can ONLY use 4 like coupons in one transaction
*You can ONLY use 2 Unilever coupons in one transaction
*You can ONLY stack store coupons with manufacture coupons
*DO NOT use expired coupons ever !
*DO NOT Misuse coupons ever ! (Example: don't use a soap coupon on a lotion product.)
*Always look into a stores coupon policy so you don't misuse your coupons or waste time
*Manufacture Coupons come from the Newspaper, or Online from coupon websites. Store Coupons come from the Store ONLY
..... As long as you remember these you will never fail !!!

You need a few things before you shop at CVS...
1. CVS ExtraCare Card
-Get this card from the Cashier at the register
2. CVS App
-These will allow you to scan your app at the register if you lose your card, keep track of your coupons, deals you've done and when you receive coupons by email you can send them to your card and it will show up on your app. The app also provides you with APP-ONLY Coupons so it's important to have this app.
3. Get online and set up your CVS account, this allows you to sign up for coupons to be sent to you in the mail and by email for extra savings.
4. Sign up for Beauty Club, on your CVS account. This will give you $5 in ECB's (Extra Care Bucks)every time you spend $50 in beauty products and $3 on your birthday. (Beauty products= hair care, body care, makeup, nail polish etc.)
.... When you have these everything can go 100% better !

CVS Lingo:
ECB's stand for Extra Care Bucks. Extra Care Bucks are CVS Money. You will use these bucks instead of money out of your pocket to pay for your items.
If you have been watching me you will know I only use ECB's to pay for my shopping trips at CVS. *****Please remember coupons and ECB's don't pay for tax, we have too.

These are the Basics and Easy Guide to shopping at CVS and the Easiest store to learn couponing :)

Newbie Couponing Trip !

As Promised, The 1st Newbie CVS Shopping Trip List !
This week isn't good but I came up with some great deals to do that everyone would have the SAME coupons. I want to help everyone and I think doing these deals each week will help many of you.

Make sure you sign up for a CVS card at your local CVS before you do these deals. Also download the CVS App (link below) to get the most out of your CVS shopping trips. The App will have coupons that you will only get through the app, You will be ready to get the coupons and snag these deals :)

I am going to do a list weekly, after this week everyone who does this will have $3 in ECB to roll into next week. A new week starts every Sunday, so I will have the list and videos posted every Sunday for what we will do each week. I hope this will help out everyone who wanted my help and I hope everyone takes part in the deals, Thanks !

CVS App:

Newbie CVS Trip Week of 7/17  *Click the Links To Print Off the Coupons
Zantac Duo $8.99 Get $2 ECB
Use $5/1 Zantac Duo Fusion = -$5.00
And use
$5/1 Zantac Duo Fusion CVS Coupon = -$5.00
Pay: Free + $1.01 Overage (Roll that to take away from the final cost)
Submit for
Zantac Duo Fusion Mail In Rebate
Final Price: Free + $1.01 Moneymaker
Dawn Dish Detergent .99 Cents
Use $0.25/1 Dawn Dish Liquid CVS Coupon = -$0.25
Final Price: $0.74
Soft-soap Hand Soap $2.00 Get $1 ECB
Use the CVS $2 off any Soft-soap Coupon (If you don’t get this Q, don’t buy it)
Final Price: FREE!!!
Coke 12pk. 3/ $10.00
Use $2/3 Coke CVS App-Only Coupon (limit 1) = -$2.00
Final Price: $2.67 each or $8.00 for all three
Nabisco $2.37 (6 Boxes) (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
(Online price is $2.37, may be $1.99 in store so price will be .98cents for all 6 boxes)
Buy One Get One Free = -$7.11
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Nabisco Products = -$4.74
Final Price: $0.40 each or $2.37 for all six

 Total before Tax: $10.10 Get $3 ECB PLUS $6.50 Cash Back for Zantac and Rebate J
$4.00 from Savings Store App till July 20th.
$2.50 from Ibotta App

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Coupon Class Update


Akron/Canton Residents: 
July 9th, 2pm
Canton Main Library, in the Innovation Room

Cleveland Residents:
July 10th, 2pm
Maple Heights Library, in Meeting Room 1

Out of State Residents Register, Please Have Skype to Be Apart of This Class.

Registration ends July 5th.

Make Your Payment for Your Spot In The Coupon Class Here 😊

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Purex Clorex 2 : Social Insiders

Purex Plus Clorox 2

New Laundry Detergent, guaranteeing stain removal and safe on white as well as colors. Thanks to Social Insider, I was chosen to test out and review this new product. I was given a Full Size bottle Purex and three Free Product Coupons, which I will be giving one away to a lucky winner and another to a children's group that I visit from time to time.


Purex is our family brand so I already knew this was going to be a winner in my book, but putting it to the test is what I need to do. I have two small children so they manage to dirty their clothes a lot. There are plenty of stains and discoloration going on, so I was hoping this product would work for us. We were able to remove stains and turn our dingy whites back to normal. I was so frantic about my whites not being the same but this is pretty great along with a little bit of bleach.
These bottles vary in size and price the highest price in my area is $7.99 so check out your local store to find this awesome product. I have finished my giveaway and the Winner is Kenneth Robinson ! He has two boys who play sports and in need of a great detergent, so I'm happy I could assist.

Check out the Purex site as well as their InstagramFaceBook page for awesome product updates and promotions.

*I received this product free, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Engage With Me *Update*

Hey Guys !

I wanted to update you all on the platforms I am on, so all of you can follow me and keep up to date of all the cool items and reviews that I'll be posting each and everyday. Some pages have different goodies so make sure you follow them on because you won't want to miss out, especially with the new upcoming website and coupon class. 
*Make Sure You Hit the Follow Button On the Blog*

All links and Photos Match, So Go Follow Me. Thanks Guys ! ❤️


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*Username: ashanenicole
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Special Announcement !

We use to spend $300 every two weeks, grocery shopping and a additional $25 for some household products we needed. Now we spend $170 a month and $0 on household products. I get all household products FREE by what I do, some of our groceries are FREE because of Free product coupons, Free Food Items Company Send to me or knowing how to use/stack coupons.

My Family and DeVonn gets so excited about it they call other family members and tell co workers about everything and they all have asked how do I get everything. We literally, barely pay for anything ! 

With that being said. I have went and spoke with my wise mother and she thought I should continue giving help to those who want it, to make life easier. I try to post free events, free samples and products as much as I can for everyone on all my social media platforms and try to show you guys that when you sign up, these things really do come to you. I have 2 new upcoming projects for all of you who want the help and would love to cheapen prices and potentially end up with free grocery trips. I'm such a lover of moms especially young moms, because I was/am one when I started this awesome journey. 

I'm going to bring ALL Moms an Larger than life web page, that allows you to communicate with other moms, post questions, get them answered, read/publish post that make you and others feel awesome about being a mom. There will be free stuff links as I do now but a entire list for everyday since I get emailed about everything a day in advance. I'm going to have different products reviews for moms, and a corner for just our babies to stay informed or to inform us readers on things for our children we need to know as well as reviews for baby items.

My 2nd task is to start a Couponing class ! I've become so fascinated with how amazingly cheap/free I've been able to get things. It's made our lives a lot easier especially since we have two kids now. I've been going back and forth on when to start the class but I have figured everything out and will be posting all information regarding this class, May 25th. I already have two people ready to go for this class so I'm hoping to gain more interested people.

I know a few people check my blog daily and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it once my website is up. 
Between couponing, reviews, the kids, the class and going back to a 9-5, I'm not sure how my time management will be and keeping up with all the things I'm doing now with two kids has been straining. I will also start back up with Videos on my YouTube channel, thanks to the push I've had from people commenting on my channel and on my Instagram. I didn't realize people actually paid attention to ALL the things I do and post so I'm thankful to you all.

.... Now that I've informed you with this long message, it's over 😂😁 Thanks for your time ❤️