Sunday, September 27, 2015

Special Announcement

Hey Everybody !
I'm so excited because today I've made and posted my first video on youtube !!!!
It's a freebie video, soon enough my giveaway video will be up so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my videos. If you can give them a thumbs up or thumbs down and subscribe to my channel.

Thanks !

Here's the Link :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Liquidation Channel

Hey Everyone !

Come on and Sign up for Liquidation Channel, You can get Free Jewlery and Win Jewlery in the $1 Auctions, I just signed up and already have a Beautiful Ring. I paid $12 but the Retail Price was $79.99 !!!! I don't care what anyone says that's a deal and Now I know where to go to for jewelry shopping.

Check It Out Now, Click the Link !

Monday, September 14, 2015

ImPRESS Manicure

If you're a busy mom like I am or just a busy woman who loves to have their nails done but can't find the time of day to get them done, This product is definitely for you !

ImPRESS Manicure Nail Sets are for the women who are busy or on the go and want to have their nails done but can't go to the shop or don't have time too. ImPRESS Nails are easy to apply because of the easy peel off backs on the nail. You don't have to worry about drying polish or making a mess with nail polish, you can just apply them and leave. They have the shine of a fresh painted manicure and they have a ultrahold technology that keeps the nails on for a long lasting wear. They can be found in your local stores and Walgreens for the price of $7.99, which is a great price seeing that you get 24 nails in each nail pack. You can go on to their websites and look at the different prints they have and also find out which store in your area carries them if you don't have a walgreens.

*First Set of Nails, with Gold Accent Nail

*Second Set with a Lighter Pink, Added the Gold Accent Nail to Give it a Better Pop !
**This set came with small skulls, I am not into that so I decided not to use them...

My Review:
I enjoyed playing around with these nails, I didn't actually use my hands because the nails didn't quite fit my nail. It was easy to apply but they weren't long lasting as they promote. I nails stayed on for an hour before one of the nails came off and I had my models press their nails every 15 minutes which they didn't really like. I see some of the other patterns nail sets have and even though my models love the pink color it was other designs they thought were better for this particular review. Overall, this is a great and convenient product and I do think I will go out and take a look in my local Walmart and find a set I would like to try and give it another try.
*I received this product free for an honest and unbiased review.(Sponsored Post BrandBacker)

Mail Call

Week of August 31st- September 5th

Received Something Pretty Cool ...

**Best Freebie -Salsa from the Spanish Camel Website ( The Salsa was Pretty Good too 😋)
-Loreal Ultimate Straight Sample Kit (Still Available)
-Enfamil Savings Book, Two $5off Coupons (Still Available)
-True Lemon Sample Products
Sweetner packets, and drink mix packages (Still Avaiable)
-Epromos samples (still available)

*Product Review Items
-MomsLab 2in1 Car seat Canopy (Tomoson)
-Eye Lash Curler (Deals for Reviews)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Check Out There Freebies!

Here are some Potential Freebies for you all today !

Snickers BOGO

Boka Brush, Paste and Floss
* You can score free products by signing up and confirming your email.

Omega Swirl Product
*Packets and a coupon

Balla Bracelet Jewelry
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Freshwater Pearls
*Helzberg Diamonds gives away FREE pearl jewelry periodically throughout the year exclusively to people that are on their mailing list! Sign up and request a free catalog and check the box for their FREE email updates to be included in their "I Am Loved" promotional giveaways.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Freebies and Sweepstakes

Hey You Guys,

   I have a few samples for you to collect and a few coupons that can come in handy !

FREE Magazine Subscription for The New Yorker Magazine. This is through
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Possible FREE $5 Amazon gift card for FIRST TIME APP USERS signing up with the new Amazon Shopping App.
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FREE Starbucks Pumpkin Latte
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Tena Pad Kit
*For Loved Ones/Caregivers Tena is Offering a Trail Kit with Wipes, Briefs and body Wash

Coca-Cola Freestyle Sweep
*Through November 30th. Win FREE Music Downloads and More

End of Summer Sweepstakes
*Ends Tomorrow: Enter to Win $500 Visa Gift card, 4 tickets to California Attractions and more
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Tilly's S'more Party
*Winner chosen every Monday

FREE Pizza Hut Pizza 😋🍕

You can get a FREE one topping pizza from your local Pizza Hut today. All you have to do is choose CARRYOUT and Enter the Code GAMEDAY. 


Free Chick-Fil-A

Labor Day Freebie !
Monday, September 7th starting at 10:30 am till Close, Chick-Fil-A is giving away free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches to your whole family !

*No Purchase Necessary