Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Special Announcement !

We use to spend $300 every two weeks, grocery shopping and a additional $25 for some household products we needed. Now we spend $170 a month and $0 on household products. I get all household products FREE by what I do, some of our groceries are FREE because of Free product coupons, Free Food Items Company Send to me or knowing how to use/stack coupons.

My Family and DeVonn gets so excited about it they call other family members and tell co workers about everything and they all have asked how do I get everything. We literally, barely pay for anything ! 

With that being said. I have went and spoke with my wise mother and she thought I should continue giving help to those who want it, to make life easier. I try to post free events, free samples and products as much as I can for everyone on all my social media platforms and try to show you guys that when you sign up, these things really do come to you. I have 2 new upcoming projects for all of you who want the help and would love to cheapen prices and potentially end up with free grocery trips. I'm such a lover of moms especially young moms, because I was/am one when I started this awesome journey. 

I'm going to bring ALL Moms an Larger than life web page, that allows you to communicate with other moms, post questions, get them answered, read/publish post that make you and others feel awesome about being a mom. There will be free stuff links as I do now but a entire list for everyday since I get emailed about everything a day in advance. I'm going to have different products reviews for moms, and a corner for just our babies to stay informed or to inform us readers on things for our children we need to know as well as reviews for baby items.

My 2nd task is to start a Couponing class ! I've become so fascinated with how amazingly cheap/free I've been able to get things. It's made our lives a lot easier especially since we have two kids now. I've been going back and forth on when to start the class but I have figured everything out and will be posting all information regarding this class, May 25th. I already have two people ready to go for this class so I'm hoping to gain more interested people.

I know a few people check my blog daily and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it once my website is up. 
Between couponing, reviews, the kids, the class and going back to a 9-5, I'm not sure how my time management will be and keeping up with all the things I'm doing now with two kids has been straining. I will also start back up with Videos on my YouTube channel, thanks to the push I've had from people commenting on my channel and on my Instagram. I didn't realize people actually paid attention to ALL the things I do and post so I'm thankful to you all.

.... Now that I've informed you with this long message, it's over 😂😁 Thanks for your time ❤️


  1. Yo go girl! Will you be posting on how to sign up for different free things because I have 4 and I need all the free stuff I can get!

    1. Thank you !
      I can definitely make a post about that. I use to make post here on all the free things you can get. I'm going to be doing that again especially on the new website. Right now I post all the direct links to free things on my Facebook. Add me so you don't miss anything. I've gotten so much toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo & conditioners, lotions and makeup just by signing up for free stuff. I have to really search for free baby items because they are like seasonal, they come out during the times you see a lot of women are pregnant so I post those items soon as I find them. Most of the time I coupon for the cheap baby items, I have two kids, a two year old and 8 month old so we're still very much in need of baby items.

  2. Great post ��