Sunday, July 17, 2016

CVS Instructional Guide

Many people have asked me to help them learn the ways of couponing, saving money, and scoping out deals. I figured that I would help you with my favorite store to coupon at first, CVS.

The first thing you need to do is read over CVS coupon policy, it's straight forward.
*NO using CVS Store Coupons on Sale Items.
*CVS coupons ONLY can be used up to 14 days after they expire
*App Only coupons can not be printed out and will only one come through the app
*App only coupons are CVS coupons, they can not be used on sale items
* Percentage coupons are CVS coupons and can not be used on sale items
..... These are the biggest rules to remember

Basic Coupon Rules...
*Always read your coupons
*You can ONLY use 4 like coupons in one transaction
*You can ONLY use 2 Unilever coupons in one transaction
*You can ONLY stack store coupons with manufacture coupons
*DO NOT use expired coupons ever !
*DO NOT Misuse coupons ever ! (Example: don't use a soap coupon on a lotion product.)
*Always look into a stores coupon policy so you don't misuse your coupons or waste time
*Manufacture Coupons come from the Newspaper, or Online from coupon websites. Store Coupons come from the Store ONLY
..... As long as you remember these you will never fail !!!

You need a few things before you shop at CVS...
1. CVS ExtraCare Card
-Get this card from the Cashier at the register
2. CVS App
-These will allow you to scan your app at the register if you lose your card, keep track of your coupons, deals you've done and when you receive coupons by email you can send them to your card and it will show up on your app. The app also provides you with APP-ONLY Coupons so it's important to have this app.
3. Get online and set up your CVS account, this allows you to sign up for coupons to be sent to you in the mail and by email for extra savings.
4. Sign up for Beauty Club, on your CVS account. This will give you $5 in ECB's (Extra Care Bucks)every time you spend $50 in beauty products and $3 on your birthday. (Beauty products= hair care, body care, makeup, nail polish etc.)
.... When you have these everything can go 100% better !

CVS Lingo:
ECB's stand for Extra Care Bucks. Extra Care Bucks are CVS Money. You will use these bucks instead of money out of your pocket to pay for your items.
If you have been watching me you will know I only use ECB's to pay for my shopping trips at CVS. *****Please remember coupons and ECB's don't pay for tax, we have too.

These are the Basics and Easy Guide to shopping at CVS and the Easiest store to learn couponing :)

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